CNC Milling Services

CNC milling is among the most common forms of precision CNC machining. CNC milling is a cutting process in which material on a block is milled by a computer-controlled tool which moves and rotates around the product as it is shaped. CNC milling is a common process that creates precise machined parts and components quickly and accurately. We operate using a variety of cutting tools which ensure exact specified shapes and dimensions for every component machined.

Our CNC milling capabilities produce effective solutions for a wide variety of industrial & commercial needs; e.g. drone industry parts, RC Model Airplane parts, automotive assemblies, camera & assistant parts, Robots parts, Gimbals, medical industry & more.

With CNC milling, you can be confident that quality productivity is our number one priority. We work with our clients to produce precision machined parts and components in the most efficient manner. We accommodate your project requirements, with a quick turn-around, whether you need a long run or short run production of machined components.


CNC Turning Services

CNC Turning is the manufacturing process in which bars of material is held in a chuck and rotated while a tool is fed to the piece to remove material to create the desired shape.Turning parts on CNC turning centers allows for a wide range of complexities, sizes, and material types.

We specialize in CNC turning to manufacture precision CNC turned parts and components through high-quality production processes. During the CNC turning process, a metal rod is rotated while a cutting tool is held against the stock to remove material and create final parts. You can be sure our CNC turning methods follow every industry standard for the highest efficiency and accuracy of each and every part that we produce in our CNC machining workshop.

We offer CNC turning for precision machined parts with very tight tolerances down to +/- .0001” (+/2.5 µm) and diameters from .145” (5 mm) to 2.5” (65 mm). With our CNC turning centers, we machine complex parts quickly and competitively. We offer precision CNC turning for a wide range of applications.

Parts Assembly

We offer assembly services on the machined parts in our factory if required. We manufacture the parts, order some supplies, and put together to your final project. We manufacture parts, order a few supplies and build your units or subsets directly.

We have machines to assemble the various elements. Circlips, nuts, screws, friction rings, bearings will be well-fitted compliance with our quality standards.


Surface treatment and finishing

We can handle the sub-contracting of all the finishing operations and treatment on your behalf, such as heat treatment operations, surface treatment, welding, polishing, painting etc

We provide surface treatments to guarantee that parts are protected against corrosion or are quite simply beautiful pieces. Our parts can be barrel treated (parts without appearance requirements) or gripper deburred for delicate parts.

Through our specialized suppliers, we can polish and perform cosmetic operations on parts (brushing, polishing, vibratory finishing, tumbling, total or partial sandblasting).

We carry out epoxy paint treatment in the color of your choice. Using the RAL color number will allow us to provide the exact color desired. Paint on aluminum, steel, or other materials.

Machining Process: Drilling, Thread Milling, Broaching, Tapping, Spline, Reaming, Parting/Cutting, Profiling, Facing, Turning, Threading, Internal Forming, Pocketing, Knurling, Countersinking, Boring, Counter boring, Gear Hobbing.

Machinery Axis
Industry Standard

Stainless Steel 201SS, 301SS, 304SS, 316SS, 416SS etc
Copper C11000,C12000,C36000 etc
Steel Mild steel, Carbon steel, 4140, 4340, 20#, 45# etc
Aluminum AL6061,AL6063,AL6082,AL7075,AL5052,AL380 etc
Plastics ABS, PC, PE, POM, Delrin, Nylon PA66 ,Teflon, PP, PMMA, PEEK etc


Machinery Axis

3- Axis, 4-Axis, 5-Axis

Industry Standard

ISO, RoHS, ASNI, ASTM, ASME, Mil-Spec etc

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