Green car

Green car is more and more popular for it can cut vehicle emissions. It including the Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Battery only Electric Vehicle, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles. So our CNC machining auto parts for Green-car is first choice when R&D green cars.


Wind turbine generator

Wind power is green power, we CNC machining parts for wind turbine generator. We can Machining CNC impeller parts etc by 5 Axis CNC machining center.


Today is about the drones where the money is at in the industry. Commercial drone (UAV) can use in movie industry, inspect infrastructure and some impressive self-piloted drones that survey farmers’ fields. The tide more and more common people would like to own the drone as smaller consumer products to take photo or video in life. We have rich experience of CNC Machining UAV Parts for famous Drone manufacture.


Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

There is an incredibly simple solution that has been used by professional photographers and video production crews for years. It is called the Handheld Gimbal or stabilizer camera mount. If you would like to take astounding pictures and videos, stabilization of cameras and video equipment is one of the most crucial aspects that are required to be successful. We are a reliable supplier of CNC machining Gimbal parts for Handheld Gimbal stabilizer Manufacturer.

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