How much does it cost for the machining center to install the fourth and fifth axes?















What is the price of the four-axis? Do I need to match? Can four axes be installed on my machining center? Seeing that many factories are equipped with this CNC rotary table, everyone mentions the four-axis machining center, and many parts processing factories have begun to hesitate whether they need to install a set for their own machining center.

Many machining centers can install the fourth axis, that is, add an indexing head to the machining center. However, the machining center that can install the indexing head must have a fourth axis interface, and the CNC system used in the machining center must have a four-axis linkage function, otherwise it will not have much effect even if the indexing head can be installed. The indexing head is a common accessory of the CNC machining center and the best auxiliary tool for processing complex products. It is controlled by the CNC operating system of the CNC machining center and can be linked with other axes. Mainly used for indexing and positioning of workpieces.

Regardless of whether the indexing head is installed when the machine is installed or the indexing head is additionally installed on the machine tool itself, the price generally does not differ much. The only difference is the type and brand of the indexing head. The indexing head is different, and the price difference may be relatively large, ranging from 10,000 to 20,000, and more than 100,000. This difference is due to the different sizes and types of indexing heads.

The size of the indexing head also depends on the size of the machine tool. If a large vertical machining center is equipped with a small indexing head, it is of little practical use. And there are different types of indexing heads, such as 0.001 degree continuous indexing head, CNC pneumatic equalization indexing head, CNC equalization indexing head, electric equalization indexing head and so on. Most machining centers use CNC pneumatic equalization indexing heads. Among them, the electric dividing head is more economical, but the effect is not so good. The 0.001 degree continuous indexing head is the most precise and the most expensive, but it is rarely used in machining centers.


Basically, in addition to very small machining centers, most machining centers can be equipped with a fourth axis. The brand of indexing head has a certain impact on its price. Most manufacturers use domestically-made indexing heads, better ones use Taiwanese indexing heads, and high-end ones use imported indexing heads, such as those made in Japan. The price is the cheapest in China, the most expensive in Japan, and Taiwan is in the middle. Therefore, even if it is the same machining center, the price of installing the fourth axis may vary greatly.

The processing range of the machining center equipped with the fourth axis is wider than that of the three axis, and can process complex curved surfaces, and the programming is not much more complicated than the three axis machining center. If you have a need for four-axis, please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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