Request for a Quote

Request for a Quote

Our team is at your disposal for any further information and to discuss your precision machining project.

Fill in the form below and we guarantee we will return a quote within 48 hours. For the most accurate quote, please provide as much information as possible from the list below.

We will get in touch with you in order to consider your project and to ensure we understand it fully.

For an accurate quotation, please offer us:

3D drawings in dwg, stp or igs etc are required to have a full view and to know the size of the product and/or to detect possible design problems. The 3D file will then be used in our machines to drive the manufacturing process.

Estimated quantities and lead time. This will be a great help to decide together the most economical way of producing your project.

The material you need, or if you are unsure, we can tell you which material will reach your requirements.

The surface treatment you want. Do you need your product to be raw, polished, painted, textured, chromed, sandblasted or engraved with your name or logo? For a painting solution please tell us the RAL or Pantone reference.

Do you have your own delivery method, or do you need us to take care of the delivery? We can ship worldwide, by air express, by sea or by a mix of sea-air freight depending on your budget and time requirements.

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